About us


Boutique Fitness Talks’ mission is to mobilize and connect fitness studio founders, managers and key-players in an intimate setting, over a series of in-person discussions, organic networking and keynote presentations from experienced & diverse industry professionals. Dialogue is on and social media is off. With no topic taboo and no discussion unsuitable; the world is made smaller and brighter when we realize our issues and solutions are often universal and can be shared as openly as the participants wish to become.



Our Values

  • To be generous with information & open-minded dialog, however delicate the subject.

  • To connect fellow Founders who have built their own Boutique Fitness businesses, along with their General Managers, who play an integral role in continuing to realize the Founder’s vision.

  • To be inclusive of group fitness format & style of executing classes.

  • To embrace missteps as much as embracing success.

  • To travel outside of a normal day, enjoying another studio’s class offerings and rich city culture.